New Year's Eve a week late

So I didn't celebrate New Year's Eve a week late--I'm just posting about it a week late, mainly because I couldn't upload any pictures. I'm not really a New Year's kind of person; really I find New Year's somewhat of a pointless holiday that isn't too exciting. As I've iterated in previous posts, I hate January, and so why would I want to celebrate a holiday that rings in January? . . . My New Year's celebrations of late have consisted of ordering Chinese with my family, watching a movie, and going to bed at 11:30. This year, however, was different.

Emily and I had a bunch of friends over for a donut night! What better way to ring in 2009 than with a whole of calories! (On the facebook invitation, I called the event "The Holes Don't Count"--it's my way of rationalizing.) Probably about twenty to twenty-five people came, but by the end of the night, there were only about eight of us, which was perfect.

After donuts, we all headed down to the family where John had set up Guitar Hero World Tour on the big TV, and we all took turns playing the drums, the guitar, the bass, and vocals. I think my favorite performance of the night was my friend Ben singing "Beat It."

Most people left during or after Guitar Hero, and then we headed upstairs to round off the night with a rounds of Nertz and Scattergories. We rang in the New Year and said goodbye at about 1:00 a.m.

Despite my general aversion to celebrating New Year's and my abhorrence of January in general, this New Year's Eve was fun.


emily said...

New Year's Eve actually was fun! I was a little disappointed to miss out on chinese food and early bed, but this was a good substitute. I'm so glad that we have good friends, who enjoy ringing in the new year with card games and big cups of cold milk.

Denise said...

Ditto what Emily said! How great to have kids and their friends who drink cold milk in their red Solo cups.

michelle said...

I love your "hermit tendencies" label, I probably need one of those as well.

I had to chuckle over what Emily and your mom said about the milk -- awesome.

New Year's Eve does seem a bit tainted by anti-climacticism (is that a word?), but I still like it because I so love the possibilities of a new year.

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