I scream, you scream, Katie and I scream for ice cream

How do you combat 2 1/2 hours of critical theory on a Wednesday night? With the promise of Cold Stone, of course! Katie and I are both in a contemporary critical theory class this semester that meets once a week for 2 1/2 hours. Good thing the teacher is phenomenal and the discussion stimulating; otherwise, I think I'd die.

We left class feeling deconstructed and left Cold Stone feeling semi-rejuvenated. And the cherry on top: I ordered a small, paid for a small, and received a medium. Oh the joys of getting the boy employee. :) I wanted to have my camera with me, but forgot it on my way out the door before class. Next time, I suppose.

On to other quick matters, this semester will be a good one. I'm actually pretty excited for all my classes. (Yes, that includes my contemporary criticism class--it will be really interesting, just also really confusing, but in a good way. . . .) My capstone editing class will be so awesome (I'll write more on that later), my literature and film class relatively easy and pretty interesting, my Islam and the gospel class interesting and short (it's a block class and one credit hour, so twice a week through February, and then I'm finished!), and my Tolstoy class absolutely ShamWow!!!! This semester will require a lot of reading--a lot a lot a lot a lot of reading--but I think I'm in for a pretty fun ride.

And when it may not be so fun, I have the boys at Cold Stone to supply me with free ice cream upgrades.


michelle said...

I guess it pays to be cute, eh?

Denise said...

I guess you really are excited about your Tolstoy class, judging by your uncharacteristic use of multiple exclamation marks!

Way to work the ice cream system.

emily said...

Haha. I LOVE getting free Cold Stone. It's delicious, and a total self-esteem booster. I also love that we're both in 2 1/2 hour classes Wednesday nights. Solidarity, sister!

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