glimpse of a Thursday

Here's a quick glimpse of a Thursday. . . .

  • I bought the books I need for my contemporary criticism class. Grand total for today: $109.50. For books for one class. One class. Thankfully I won't have to cough up any more money for books this semester.
  • I went with Katie to turn in her graduate school application.
  • I grabbed some donut gems and some one percent milk from the vending machines for breakfast before my literature and film class.
  • I got to leave literature and film early because we just had to figure some stuff out for a group project; after we figured things out, we left!
  • I read more of War and Peace for my Tolstoy class; we're reading War and Peace for the first two months of the semester! I'm looking forward to adding that read to my list of literary accomplishments.
  • I hopped on over to the physics department to say hi to Emily and to borrow her meal plan: lunch from the Scoreboard Grill, courtesy of Dining-Plus-generous Emily.
  • I went to my magazine editing class. We pretty much decided on a title for our magazine: Whisk. (We're making a cooking magazine--this ShamWow topic must wait for its own post, though.)
  • I went to work where I proofread the typeset pages for the next issue of The FARMS Review. Check out this last issue of the Review:

    See any particularly awesome name in the acknowledgments? :)

In about an hour, I'll be headed back up to campus for orchestra, and then I'm going to the gym. This isn't a too exciting post; however, it is a part of the minutiae of my life, so there you have it.


Denise said...

I love having photo documentation to go along with our phone conversation today! I love how blogging makes me feel connected to you! I love seeing your name in the acknowledgments! I love you!

emily said...

So cool to see your name in the acknowledgments. I love the name for your magazine! I'd buy a subscription today if I could! I'm so glad that I was able to see you yesterday, seeing as our Friday lunch is taken over this week by Econ 110. :)

michelle said...

I enjoy minutiae. I still haven't read War and Peace, and I love Tolstoy! Maybe I should put that on my list for this year. Oh, and your breakfast sounds yummy.

Susan said...

I couldn't stop shivering, seeing you in that top!

What the? Isn't it winter?

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