the wonders of twenty-first–century technology

I had to get a crown today at the dentist's. A few weeks ago one of my molars was hurting me really bad, and so I went to a local dentist's office. I was told that one of my fillings was wearing away and that I had two fracture lines on the same molar; thus, I needed to get a crown. (Too bad crown doesn't mean something with diamonds. . . .)

Today was the day. I didn't bring my camera with me on purpose, because I did not want to document a Novocaine mouth. My appointment took about two hours from start to finish, and it went over without much of a hitch. Sure modern dentistry is top notch--I can't imagine not having such fixing procedures; however, today I was most grateful for another piece of twenty-first-century technology:

my iPod.

After the Novocaine settled into my mouth, I put in the ear phones in, turned up my Josh Kelley playlist, and tried not to focus on the various instruments being shoved into my mouth while the dentist drilled away.

I would turn down the music a bit when he wasn't drilling, because I didn't want to not hear anything he might try to tell me about my mouth; however, when the drill whined, I pumped up the volume and tried to drown out the scary sound of that drill. (I also closed my eyes the whole time so I wouldn't have to see anything that was being used to crown my tooth--ignorance is bliss when it comes to dental procedures.) Thank you Josh Kelley for distracting me from what was going on behind the Novocaine.

Acknowledging my gratitude for modern dentistry and mP3 players, I'm even more grateful that experience is OVER!


Denise said...

Well put! Ignorance IS indeed bliss when it comes to dental procedures. I'm still wondering at the miracle of not having to wear a temporary crown. What the? Is Denver way behind the dental times?

Another possible title for this post: Queen for a Day (crown, get it?).

Jill said...

I love my iPod!

It's too funny that you labeled this post Bulbous Gums!

emily said...

So true. I remember clicking the wheel on my iPod higher and higher while my wisdom teeth surgery to drown out the nasty sounds of drilling and cracking. I. Hate. Dental. Work. (Granted, I wouldn't like to know where we'd be without it, but I just wish that the topical numbing agent wasn't so gag-inducing.) Love you!

michelle said...

Oh no! I hate getting crowns! And what's this about not having to have a temporary?? I always to have go back later to get the real thing fit!

I'm sorry you had to do that. And glad you have an iPod!

Ignorance is definitely bliss when it comes to dental procedures! (that's my new favorite sentence)

michelle said...

p.s. I got your sweet card yesterday -- thank you!

Serin said...

I hate the SMELL when my teeth are getting drilled. *shudder*

Diana said...

I hope you are feeling better. I have never had a crown but it doesn't sound too pleasant. I think bringing your I-Pod was a great idea.

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