Friday night with the girls

My roommate Katie just turned in her grad school application this week, and in celebration, we decided to go out to dinner. However, right after Katie pressed the "submit" button, she was overcome with a nasty cold; so Friday night we didn't go out to a restaurant as planned, but rather ordered Pizza Hut and watched "August Rush," which Katie had never seen. (?!)

Pizza Hut was having a 5-5-5 medium pizza deal, so we each got our own medium pizza!! Ah! It was delicious :) We also picked up cheesy bread and cinnasticks from the nearby 5 Buck Pizza (or as Jessie and Timm so affectionately call it, "Slutty" Pizza--it's cheap, fast, and easy). We sat at the kitchen table with our oh-so-healthy meal and had a deep and meaningful discussion about several gospel topics. It was so great! I love being able to discuss such important topics as these with my friends and roommates--the gospel is just so uniting and binding.

This is a picture of one of the pizza boxes (they all looked like this). We thought it was actually a pretty cute pizza box!

We then put on the movie, which Katie loved. By the end we were all so emotionally involved and were just sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for Lyla, Louis, and August to finally be reunited!! It was a very satisfying movie.

This picture is of me and Anneli, with The Pickwick Papers standing in for Katie; she didn't want a closeup picture of her given her red nose and overall illness-face.

Girls' nights are just so much fun--we had such a great time being together as friends and roommates. What a great way to spend a Friday!!

**Quick note: I've been feeling that most of my labels lean toward the dull side, so I'm going to be switching it up a bit and making new labels for old ones. "Halleljuah it's Friday" I think will replace my too-banal "weekends" label. I credit Mom for inspiring more creative labels.


Denise said...

It looks like your Girls' Night was really fun and one I would have enjoyed. Your roommates are so cute!

Congrats to Katie, and I hope she's on the mend. Can't say that I blame her for not wanting to be documented with a red nose :).

michelle said...

I'm dying over the Pickwick Papers standing in for your friend in the photo! Hilarious.

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