4 for Thursday

I've been feeling like I slipped out of a blogging groove, and now that I want to get back into the groove, my mind is blank.
  1. I started running again. After over a year of nothing exercise worthy, I started again. I even bought new running shoes. I know.
  2. I got my diploma in the mail. It's official, legitimate, for real: I am a college graduate. The diploma says so. And I'm pretty dang excited about it. Everytime I think about midterms and group projects and 100+ pages worth of reading assignments, a giant wave of relief washes over me. Phew.
  3. Almost all of my TV shows are over for the season: "Chuck," "Parenthood," "The Office," "30 Rock," "Bones," and "24." And yes, I did feel slightly pathetic listing all the shows I follow.
  4. I'm off the clock and am getting ready to head down to catch my bus to the airport. I'm flying home and Josh is meeting me there. In fact, our flights get in at almost the same time, and given that we're both flying the same airline, one of us will meet the other at the gate. It will be like a movie. I hope there's a soundtrack.
Oh, and as of tomorrow, the wedding is 12 weeks away. Just sayin'.


Daniel said...

It was some time this week that I realized that all those season finales meant that there would be a dearth of good, new TV for a while. The fact that this realization was accompanied by not a small amount of disappointment and my feeling a little lost causes me no small amount of shame.

Jill said...

But So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight!! That's summer goodness for sure.

michelle said...

Yes, SYTYCD!! My favorite show. I love that it starts the day after American Idol ends.

You must feel so legit having your diploma in hand.

You must report on the soundtrack that may or may not accompany your airport meeting with your sweetheart.

12 weeks!

Shiny said...

Whoohoo to update 1!

What shoes did you get??:)

Susan said...

I'll be waiting for the report on the weekend and the shower!

As you can see, I'm just catching up on a few posts myself...

12 weeks! YIKES! (Hope your Mom doesn't read this just yet...it could put her in a panic!)

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